Are there restrictions for Mediaframework for Android?

Hi there,

I am currently developing my first app on Android and I am struggleing with the Mediaframework.
I want to seek a mediaplayer but everytime I use the seek note, the video jumps back to its begnning, even if I set the video time to 20 seconds or so (the video is more than 3 minutes long).
When I test it in the editor it works fine but when I launch the project on the phone it doesn’t work.
I have checked that I don’t use two media notes directly after each other, when I do so, then I have a delay note between them but this doesn’t help.
Is there anything that I am missing?

Hope you out there can help me :wink:


There was a bug some time ago with seek for Android media player, but it was fixed in 4.14.

Wooot really?
I am struggleling thousands days to solve this (or at least it felt like it)! Thank you Chris for that information :smiley:
I will update to 4.14 and check if everything will run and let you guys know :wink: