Are there limitations when it comes to an imported material libray using .sbsar types?


I would like to have my .sbsar material palettes imported into UE4, so they are read when I want to switch out materials instantly. Now after importing Only 144 color .sbsar materials
I keep getting this message: TEXTURE STREAMING POOL OVER 5.575 BUDGET. Please tell me there is a way to import many material libraries in UE4 and not worry about what’s in the content folder not being used only the amount of instant materials being applied in the scene.

Before I embark on having a major paint material library in Substance Designer, I would hate find out later that UE4 cannot handle many materials in Content folders.

Please advise on best way to use .sbsar libraries in UE4, so I can use as needed without being bogged down etc…,

The goals are to use for arch/viz renderings and walkthroughs only.