Are there free (*FPP* & TPP) Animations for default character?

Hello all!

I’m having so much fun using Unreal Engine 4. I switched over from Unity but I have to say that I am used to the Unity Asset Store. I like the marketplace here but not enough free assets. I used Mixamo assets for a character/set of animations but didn’t work so well for animations (First Person).

I am currently using the RPG Starter Kit that is in the Marketplace however it was meant for 3rd person, which is fine but I am looking for 1st person friendly animations and cannot for the life of me find any. I can find plenty of epic TPP animations, but too much clipping and what not. Only FPS animations I find are, well literally FP-Shooter (guns).

I am specifically looking for animations that are friendly with the default Unreal 4 prototype character, that works in First Person mode melee. I am making a game that uses swords/bows medieval style.

I am currently trying to make a MORPG and add to it over time. Start small and make it big.

The goal is to start with one room, one sword/bow, one mob type, one item type, one quest, etc. Over time add more to it.

Thanks in advance guys, and thank you Epic Games for setting it free :slight_smile:

Have you tried the Infinity Blade assets? They are on the Marketplace for free. I don’t know if they include animations, though.

Mixamo have some free assets on the Marketplace, too, in their animation pack.

I’m looking specifically for First Person animations, so that the player sees their sword swing in front of them, and the shield raise up when they block. However so that it does not get in the way or clip through the camera.

However those are nice assets, but not quite the style I am trying to do. I have enough items and models, just need the anims.