Are there any 'working' (ie non-deprecated) Oculus Hands Samples for 4.24?

I see the Github Oculus samples but they didn’t bother to update any of the stuff for 4.24 and left it all erroring out and deprecated! I am trying to give my IK VR Body working VR Touch Fingers, (for over a year) and as I am learning by example to begin with, having Project files with multiple errors makes it useless to me… I need a perfect (ie no ERRORS) working example of simple Oculus Hands for 4.24.

I am SO CLOSE to blowing minds in VR, but am stopped for now because Oculus doesn’t bother to give examples that work.

The errors are:

(in the Hands Sample for 4.24):

**InputAxisKey Event specifies FKey’MotionController_Left_Grip1Axis’ which has been deprecated for MotionController (L) Grip1 Axis

InputAxisKey Event specifies FKey’OculusTouch_Left_ThumbUp’ that is not blueprint bindable for Oculus Touch (L) Thumb Up CapTouch

InputAxisKey Event specifies FKey’OculusTouch_Left_IndexPointing’ that is not blueprint bindable for Oculus Touch (L) Pointing CapTouch**

I don’t really even understand what it means when it says: “which has been deprecated for” (My first thought: What is the new one and what is the old one?


  1. Ideally: Is there a WORKING SAMPLE PROJECT for 4.24 hat is not using deprecated methods?

  2. Would someone accept a ‘Thank you’ or ‘Consultant credit’ on my game to help me?

  3. Least ideal, It is a quick fix? Is there someway I can bring it up to date? (even though a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY WAS either UNABLE or UNWILLING to…) I’m willing to give it a try! LOL :slight_smile:

I spend all night every night fighting this kind of stuff instead of building vast complex worlds, I am an Artist, Musician and Character Animator and I can never do what I do because of these mistakes and oversights.

It is so unfair, I don’t really even mean to me, but to the VR Community, I make UNUSUAL UNIQUE Stuff with COPIOUS AMOUNTS of HIGH END Characters, that VR Needs right now! :slight_smile:



If I remember correctly they changed the names of the InputEvents which you can see in the ProjectSettings under “Input”.

You probably only need to recreate the “InputAxis” and InputButton events in the Blueprints and ensure the names in the Blueprint match the names from the ProjectSettings.