Are there any ways to render single frame or sequential frames in UE4?

Hi, guys, I am currently on a project with friends. We are to establish a scene from scratch and we have done the modelling part. I just wonder if there exist some way of rendering the final image from UE4 and output at higher resolution. Maybe you would say I can maximize the window and use screen capture software to take screen shot. But I want to render from the engine at like 1440p or higher res since unfortunatley my monitor only supports 1680x1050 res.
Also rendering from engine could also help when you want to make a video.
So anyone has some idea?
always thanks in advance:)

You can supply a higher screen resolution to the command line by modding your .exe with some like -setrez 1920 x 1080. Also inside of matinee there is an option to either have matinee dump an AVI out or a series of images that you can then make into a movie.

Thanks man, I think matinee should be my first choice, I will do some research and learn it :slight_smile:

Let me know if you run into any problems but its pretty straight forward to get working.