Are there any spline actors in UE4 and how can I move a actor with Splines in BP?

I can’t find any spline actor in UE4 is there some?

How can I move actor/component in BP using splines? It’s possible?

From what I understand they have splines for the landscape, but nothing worked out for anything else.

A dev told me that they created some splines for Fortnite but they haven’t really interfaced it with the engine yet.

So you will have to create this from scratch in C++ or wait for the devs to patch it in(hopefully sooner than later).

So is there a plan to implement splines to the engine?

Here is their roadmap:

I didn’t see splines mentioned specifically. Some spline functionality may transfer from Fortnite into the editor but who knows if or when.

If you can’t create your own spline system, someone may have created, or is in the process of creating, one on Github.