Are there any proper LAndscape materials on market?

I have a few so called landscape materials, however, these are just normal materials; NOT landscape materials. I was wondering if there were any proper materials on the marketplace for landscapes?

it all depends on what you call “landscape materials” you can adapt any texture to a landscape, but it again it all depends on what you mean and what you want.


All of the “Landscape” materials that I have purchased apart of material packs where just Base Material and Normal maps, that’s it. Ideally, a Landscape Material Pack would have a Landscape Master Material with several Material Instances.

Yes I kinda know what you mean a advertising a landscape matrial could be misleading as people could think you could just drag and drop it and it will do everything you want it to do. What do you want your matrial to do? Also maybe speek to the crator of the pack to are unhappy with