Are there any possible ways to "Replace" the Mannequin's Anim BP?

What i mean by this is : i made my Aim offsets, lot of blueprints inside the Third Person AnimBP, but it only works for the mannequin.

I made my own character with his own animations and now i want to replace the mannequin into mine.

So are there any ways to replace the mannequin but don’t have to write a whole new animation BP?

if you don’t understand my problem, please add me on Skype: Roland Simigla (No profile picture, Hungary Budapest) bot 3 of them is me.

thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Yes This is how i did it, my model was made in Fuse and the animations were made on the adobe website the model and animations were then downloaded as FBX files i then created a child BP of the player character changed the skeletal mesh for my custom one and then imported the fbx animation file and tied it to the custom meshes skeleton, then in the BP i changed the animation settings to use animation asset and picked the one i installed, making sure the keybinds were ok i played the level and my model animated ok :slight_smile: hope that helps :slight_smile:

Definetly going to try it out! thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: