Are there any playable games that used World Machine to generate their terrain?

I am currently developing a sandbox game, and I would like to take advantage of Unreal’s ability to quickly turn out something that is comparable to AAA graphics. It really is phenomenal if you have the right background. Mine is in VRay 3DS Max.

Anyhow, coming from Arch Viz industry, I’m wondering how in the world I can manage to use World Machine, with decent materials, to create a world that is playable. I’m afraid I’d be cutting my market into the tiny amount of people who could afford a rig with Current Gen vid cards or SLI/Crossfire.

The world is going to be large overall, but there are a LOT of islands. I’m wondering if I can load the islands singularly and reduce lag, and if I can achieve playable frame rates with Word Machine’s outputs.

I’ve never built anything with LOD scaling before, always did photorealistic renders that took 7+ minutes per frame with a render farm attached. I have to change my entire workflow, and I just don’t want to waste a ton of time learning world machine, if I should keep everything super simple by using the admittedly simple and undefined landscape tools in UE4.

Thanks for your help.

I am pretty sure that at least Battlefield 3 used World Machine for its landscapes. I don’t own BF4, so I can’t really tell you as far as that goes. I do know that there are a few people on these forums using World Machine for their landscapes too, but I can’t remember who they are.

I think if you search the forums for “World Machine” you’ll find something. Good luck!

World Machine has various quality settings, you don’t have to have an extremely large resolution to have a ton of detail and a large world :slight_smile: Plus you can make use of a normal map for some of the finer details and in engine tools.

Even Kite demo use world machine.