Are there any online / networked games that support live loading of assets?

It’s my understanding that all assets are loaded into a server before an online game begins.
Imagine a perpetual game online, in which a person could load in a custom avatar, and that would be automatically downloaded to all other players while in game.

Can anyone point me to any mods / games that demonstrate some of that kind of functionality?

Also curious about mods that mash up genres and styles (ie. first person shooter soldier with medieval with sci-fi)

There are some programs(not made in Unreal Engine) that let you do this, but I don’t consider them games, but more like chatrooms with avatars. I remember some Valve games allowed custom texture sprays during gameplay. I have not seen anything like this done in Unreal Engine so far, however, it is one of my goals to achieve it in a game, in Unreal Engine some day. I believe this is a feature that many developers want in their games.

There are some singleplayer solutions for doing this in Unreal Engine games but even those don’t seem to be released to the public yet.

hey Pine thank for the reply.

Do you know of any names off the top of your head, or keywords I might search for?
Can you think of technical challenges unique to loading in assets on the fly, an having them show up on other’s players clients?

I imagine every-time a 10-30 meg character (mesh+texture+control rig) would be loaded in, it would have to be downloaded to every player on the network logged into the server right? Or maybe it could all happen on central server, and individual video streams would be sent to players (like GeForce Now is doing)?

I imagine things like collision and specific game mechanics would be very difficult, but I would be satisfied with just animations. Something like a ‘spontaneous’ second life in which the environment on any given day is only what people have loaded in. It would be a mish-mash and there would major quality control issues, but the spontaneity would be really funny. I see the basic enivornment as super simple, like the Arma ‘Virtual reality’ environment (not to be confused with VR… Just a basic room pre-VR popularity – see atached image).

Imagine you’re able to log in as a semi realistic soldier character. Then you see Godzilla, Pikachu, vehicles and other random stuff on the server.

If anyone has any suggestions on technical hurdles or other applications that played with this kind of idea I’d love to hear.