Are there any materials on how the Kite Demo was stitched and streamed together?

I absolutely love the kite demo. I am so thankful to have access to it and dissect it. I’ve been perusing the internet and I apologize if there is more material out there for it, but since I was having trouble locating the info I am looking for, I figured why not post it here. So here it goes:

When you open the demo and open the landscape map, it features really large flat planes, which I am guess represent the different “maps” that make up the streamed open world. If you open the Cinema map with all the matinee content, it lives in a black, empty world, with no ambient lighting. So my question is rather loaded, but I would be happy to watch or read more documentation on it, I’m just not sure if I know the questions I’m trying to ask.

How did the animation process and matinee directing link up with the streamed levels, if all the matinee content was built in basically an empty scene/level? What is the purpose of the flat planes in the “Landscape” map, and why is that the default map to actually “experience” the demo? If it is all blueprints, where should I look to see how this is set up?

I’ve seen some people talk about streaming levels in UE4, which loads/unloads areas based off a trigger, but this looks like such a massive scale, and it doesn’t explain the function of the planes in the “Landscape” map editor view. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I loved the presentation you guys put up about the project as well, so I’m really just trying to wrap my head around how it was put together.


When you open the Cinematic world and most of the others you’ll only find a few things or none at all seemingly, however, if you press ‘play’ you’ll see the worlds load in. This is due to the amount of memory that it would take (~24gb) to load all the streaming levels at once. You can open the GDC_Landscape_01 map, go to menu > windows > levels. At this point you should see a bunch of levels that are grayed out. You can right click on these and select “Load.” I woudln’t load them all at once or even all together, but just a few of them and you’ll see them pop in.

If you’re not familiar with the World Composition you can check that out in the documentation to see how this works a little bit better.

A lot of your questions can be answered in this forum thread and by the two linked YouTube videos. The developers sat down for two days of twitch streams for a couple of hours each and went through everything to help people understand some of the thought processes and how things work. It’s well worth the watch. The second video will deal more with the animation and matinee. The first video is discussing more the design of the Kite World and the tools that were designed to help create it.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much! I watched the GDC presentation but I was hoping for something more like these twitch demos. I can’t thank you enough!