Are there any good resources besides the code itself for learning Slate?

I have been looking through the Slate documentation that is available, but it seems awfully light for what it’s supposed to be conveying. And I was able to find a video from this tutorial series that does talk about Slate and even touches on the Widget Reflector tool in the editor to find out how certain UI features are put together. However, even Max Preussner, the narrator of the series, suggested looking at the Slate code itself in order to get familiar with how it works. I have looked through Slate/SlateCore and looked up things I’ve found there in UE4’s C++ API – which unfortunately has a LOT of blank “description” fields. I’ve even walked through the code of an existing plugin that utilizes Slate line-by-line to try and figure out what it was doing, which did help me feel like I started getting a rudimentary familiarization of the framework (and plugin structure, for that matter), but a lot of it is also making me feel I’m making best guesses as to what the code is doing. So, I’m wondering if anyone in the community might have some good references they could point me to for getting really familiar with the Slate framework. Even an example that has been heavily commented would be awesome. From everything I’ve read, it sounds incredibly powerful. Wielding it, however, has a bit of a learning curve. Figuring it out on my own thus far has been somewhat challenging. I appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks!