Are there any downsides to upgrading UE4?

Are there any downsides in switching engine versions, like going from 4.8 to 4.9 or 4.10 to 4.11 ? I have a project I started on 4.8 and now I’m using 4.10, but I never stopped to think if there were any downsides in switching engine versions for my projects.

Hello SoraJr,

The only “downgrades” I can think of would be compatibility issues. When changes are made to the engine, whether they be to introduce new features or to fix existing issues, they are liable to cause other problems at times, as with all software.

Due to this, I would suggest to always keep old copies of your project from previous versions in case you run into a problem with a new version of the engine. Otherwise, if there are any preference issues you run into when upgrading to a new version as in a function being changed and such, you could download a source build and take those changes out yourself by looking up how it was changed on Github.

Usually with major projects however, to avoid compatibility issues, a lot of people will start on an engine version and stay on that version, only merging the changes that they need from the new versions into their source build.

Hope this helps!