Are There Any 3D Side Scrolling Tutorials

I’m still a little new to Unreal Engine 4 and was wondering if there were some tutorials on 3d side scrolling. Ive been looking through youtube and through google, but haven’t found any tutorials on helping with setting up my character for it. I know that there is a 3rd person character setup, but it was a little difficult for me to do when setting up a side scrolling character. Please Help

heres one that was fun to watch. It isnt very comprehensive but may give you some ideas

ok, ill give it a look, thanks

ok, so this kind of helps with level design, but it doesnt really explain the animations part, see what I want to do is have my character doing these animations in a side scroller, but there is not tutorial on that. only videos…
heres a video that shows somebody using animation in there side scroller now how they did it there is no video for that or tutorials. only third person tutorials, 2d side scroller tutorials, and first person tutorials. what happened to 3d side scrollers.

This is more than a year old, so i am only answering for future reference. I too have been looking for some info on this topic and only found a handful of information. I understand that there is a market for this kind of stuff and people are reluctant to give it away for free. I did find a little bit of info, but it only pertains to the coding aspect of character movement and such. But it has pictures! lol
Anyways, HERE’S the link to the site that i’ve found very useful.