Are The Reduction Settings For Static Mesh LoD Free Use In 4.14?

Hi, pretty much what the thread title says. Are the reduction settings for LoDs within the static mesh editor free use or are they a simplygon feature that I must have a license to use?

here is an example of what I’m talking about: Screenshot - 108eee0344bba70e2d981eae9b073506 - Gyazo

Under LOD 1 the section that says “reduction settings”

This is a native UE4 feature.

do you have a source on that? I’m just trying to find a definitive answer, because the docs here: Skeletal Mesh LODs in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation are a bit confusing to me.

It’s not Simplygon, it’s a feature that Epic implemented. UE4 doesn’t contain any features that would require extra licensing.

It’s inside UE4 so you pay the normal 5% on profit that’s it. It’s an amazing feature and UE4 is hands down the best engine around with such groundbreaking stuff.

You can instance a few thousand 50,000 poly meshes with it in minutes. Something that would have taken months before is a breeze. We are in the golden age of game development.

Thanks for your replies. I figured it was probably safe being a feature that is there out of the box, but wanted to play it safe. Would suck if we were to randomly have to pay another 2% in royalty fees for using something like this. Also I agree UE4 is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. My team and I are also looking into mesh instancing to save even further. So many amazing features, gotta love it.