Are the 4.8 templates broken?


I just downloaded 4.8 from GitHub and compiled it.
The build works fine.
But when I create a project based on the templates, say the FPS template, it load with the following errors:


The FirtPersonAnim Bluprint or something seems to be brokenā€¦ Or am I doing something wrong? :confused:


Do the animation files exist ? The should be in something like *YourProject/Content/FirstPersonBP/Animations *
Do the source animation files exist ? They would be in something along the lines of Templates/TP_FirstPersonBP/Content/FirstPersonBP/Animations

Im also curious about the UE_Mannequn folder. How did you create this as the only folders that I would normally expect to see there are:
Animations, Audio, Blueprints,Character,Maps,Meshes, Textures

Yes, they exist:

But it shows a compiler error. (I didnt fiddle with itā€¦)

I guess this is not supposed to look like that??!

Here seems to be the boggleā€¦

I didnt make any changes but just created a project based on the BP FPS templateā€¦

They just came with the example template. I guess the blue guy is being sent to the retirement home for elderly assetsā€¦

hey Kvogler we are in the process of updating our Templates, they should be fixed in todays build.

Oh no the blue man is gone, now is a robot (male) with kyphosis spine and tiny neck xD

Maybe they were facing trademark infringement with the BlueManGroupā€¦ :wink:
The legal twitch was very interesting

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: