Are royalties applied to inhouse non-games or tools?

I believe plugins can be freely distributed if they are free or probably sold on the marketplace (I can’t see what else you would use that place for).

Couple of things to note here:

  • There is no royalty associated with developing an in-house tool with the engine.
  • If you are compensated for use of that tool on a work-for-hire basis, no royalties are owed on those work-for-hire fees.
  • No royalties are owed on linear media, like films, made using the engine.
  • No issue if the tool remains in-house, but you can only distribute a tool based on Epic’s tools, whether modified or unmodified, to other engine licensees (and not the general public).
  • If a tool you make is not based on Epic’s tools, but entirely original, you can distribute it to the general public unless that tool allows for the creation of standalone products.

I hope that answers your questions.


If I make a private in-house pre-visualisation tool in ue4 as part of a larger film production pipeline how is the royalties payment (if any) calculated if no game or application is publicly distributed?

For context I am considering writing bridge code between a motion capture studio and eu4 to enable the use of a virtual camera and pre-visualise actors, props etc.

Oh cool, thanks :smiley: