Are PrimalItem changes at run time possible?

Has anyone figured out how to change primalitem data at run time? Everywhere I look
the tuts all point to changing values of already created actors but nothing that allows
that actor’s ‘recipe’ to be changed beforehand. Is that even possible with this dev kit? I
can see where they would want the vanilla structures and items to be baked in,
(needing a TC to change them), but nothing for mods?
I’ve tried creating a custom event in the primalitem, but I can’t seem to get the
primalgamedata or the gamemode to call them to test the method out. Is there an
event that can be called to get changes made BEFORE the item is created?

If you’re referring to crafting requirements(namely resource costs) and the like, the answer is no.

Drake provided some further clarification why, that type of information is stored at a ‘class’ level, and so cannot be altered inside the game in any way.


Can the crafting requirements be set at server startup based on the GameUserSettings.ini settings? For example, if I have a variable in the file like “CustomItemCosts=2.0000” would it be possible to multiply all of CustomItem’s crafting costs by 2 on startup?

Here’s the blueprint that I’ve starting setting up on the PrimalItemStructure blueprint, but I can’t figure out what event would start this blueprint.