Are players order of spawn reliable to use as index for data sharing between levels?

Right now I create 2 players in one level, after the level is finished I pass data from all players to an array in a game instance by their index (The index is the order in which the players were spawned). When I switch level and create 2 players, the players fetch the data saved for the index(order in which they were spawned) fromt the game instance.
With 2 characters it works. My keyboard is index 0 and my gamepad is index 1.
(Game example) Player with keyboard has 50% hp in first level, and the player with gamepad has 70% hp. When I switch level right now this works. The player with keyboard still has 50% hp and player with gamepad has 70%

My question now is, what happens when I plug in 2 more controllers and spawn 2 more characters (I don’t have 2 more controller that’s why this question exists).
If I spawn 4 players and keep their index by order of spawn and save data to the game instance. And go to the next level and spawn 4 characters again will the same gamepad have access to the same data from the game instance with this logic?

Spawning is dependent on having required assets loaded. This comes down to the hardware of the user.

e.g. High spec vs low spec.

The high spec system will load faster than the low spec, thus “spawn” sooner.

Use Player ID