Are PhysX dominance groups planned for a future release?

They were very useful in UE3.

Hi Psyonix-Dave,

I spoken with our physics engineers and looks like something that would be useful and be implemented again. However, there is no timeline for when this would happen. Right now it would probably be a lower priority while the engineers are still focusing on higher priority features.

I’ve favorited this post and will update when I have more information.

Thank you!


I am hanging out for these as well… used them for one-way interaction in Swing Racers (UDK) and was surprised to see they aren’t in UE4 yet! For now I’m horribly hacking it as best I can using huge differences in mass.

It’s been more than a year. Are there any updates on this by any chance? I’m also be very interested in this feature.

Any change on that?