Are my system requirements enough for u4?

My system requirements are below the official reccomended for unreal engine 4, so I wonder if they would be sufficient anyway for my project, or even if it’d let me install the engine
I have to make a 3rd person adventure with not a lot of action, no big scenes and no many characters on screen at the same time.For windows pc

my system requirements are the following:

cpu athlon x4 631
gpu 8800gt
ram 8gb

I can get a gtx 460 from a friend; would it make any difference?
Also I wonder if any game made with u4 would run on a machine similar to the mine (that would be good)

Hey man Looking at those specs you are going to have a though time running Unreal Engine 4, The GTX 460 will let you run the engine but with low-med settings.

Ok so I guess you suggest I should upgrade the card, that would force me to upgrade the cpu because of bottlenecking? and maybe the mobo too? Maybe I’ll upgrade but I have a question: Can a pc game be created in U4 to make it run smoothly with a system like my current one?

My current development PC is worse than that and only has a GT 610. Development is a bit of a pain, especially with VS 2013 open, along with the editor and an emulation of a game running it can clog my system up badly. However, with low settings it is possible for me to do things in the editor quite easily, although as you can imagine it looks like a pixelated mess for most things. I think the same applies to the process of running a built game aswell - The user will be able to use lower settings easily but at a considerable cost to quality.

Yes, you can always turn down the quality of the game so that it runs smoother

Thank you for the answers.
about quality and running smoothly my doubt is between udk (U3) and unreal 4: if you had to PLAY a game with a low system configuration, which engine would allow best scalability: U4 o U3?’ I mean: is it possible that an older engine would give better graphic results on an old pc, or not?

Well if your budget is really tight then I recommend using UDK, because the engine can still provide excellent graphics on older generation hardware, I only moved from UDK to Unreal Engine 4 so that I could take full advantage of DX11 effects.

Hi Crash, it’s not just MY system hardware (I can buy upgrades), I’m more concerned about how a finished game made with U4 would run and look on a mid/low range machine (like it is mine at the moment). That’s why still haven’t decided among udk and u4 (also opened a specific thread: Running a game made with U4 on "old" machines? - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums).
By the way what about lights and shadows system in U4 compared to Udk? I saw some u4 tutorials and it looked marvelous; is it similar in udk?
and noob question: which are the dx 11 effects not available in udk?

Physically based materials. Layer Materials.
Screen space reflections.
Better AA options.
Full-scene HDR reflections.
IES lighting profiles.

Going off the steam hardware survey, at least half of the people that took the survey have better cards than a 8800 GT. Still 16% of that is integrated graphics that won’t be able to run most newer games well any way.

A gtx 460 would be a much better average/lower end gamer card if that’s your target audience.

Does anyone run UE4 on a Mac? Does it run as good as in Windows?