Are my assets now useless

I was going to upgrade to 4.8 but half of my assets say they aren’t compatable with it
Will they ever be able to be used in 4.8 or have I bought assets that I will never be able to use again if I get 4.8

I can vouche for what Steph said!

The marketplace peeps contacted all the content creators who’se work need to be updated for 4.8.
May I ask which assets you are speaking of?


Hi there!

We do test on our end to make sure that the packs on our marketplace are compatible with 4.8. When we approve them we make the change on our end so they show up as being compatible with 4.8. If they don’t pass then we go to the sellers and ask them to make their submissions compatible. Please rest assured, your assets are not useless and if they’re not listed as compatible for 4.8 now, they soon will be (most should be done within this week).

Let me know if you’re having any trouble with this.