Are Modding projects like open licenced for other UE4 projects?

There seems to be quite a bit of content already built into the modding section of the Epic Games launcher, including Squads and ARK. Are these legally available to be used in other projects that will be sold commercially? I’d hate to install the modding software and use it just to find out I’m not allowed to use them in my own projects. I know that anything free or purchased from the marketplace is up for grabs (obviously), like the Paragon assets and Infinity Blade, but what about the modding stuff? Thanks so much in advance.

Hi there,

No they are not legally usable in other projects, doing so would be copyright infringement unless you have written permission from the developer.

The content in those games is meant to only be used within the games modding kit. If I remember correctly they don’t even work in UE4 either, they use a different asset format.

Thanks! I figured that was the case, but I wasn’t a hundred percent sure.