Are mesh sizes in Units? Pixels? Or something else?

In the image below we see an approx image mesh size. Is this in Units? Pixels or something else?


If I print out the coordinates of an actor, I get X=100 Y=100 Z=200

Does this mean the actor is at 100x100x200 Units? (Or cm?) from center of the map?

It’s at 100x100x200 from its parent. If your object is not parented to anything else, then yes, it’s at 100x100x200 from the center of the world.

If you have an object at 100x100x100, parent your object under it and move it 100 units in X, it will have 100x0x0 as its (local) location. Its world space location will be 200x100x100.

There are Unreal units, 1 Unreal unit = 1 cm (metric system).

Yes, it means that is, from the 0,0 point, 1 meter at right, 1 meter in front, and 2 meters up. BTW remember that there a huge difference between “World Location” al “Relative Location”. World one take the 0,0 point as reference. The relative one count the spawn point of the actor as reference (and is usually used to get the distance between components).