Are Input Event Nodes Frame-Rate Independent?

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I have a simple question. Are input event nodes frame-rate independent? I just answered a question in this [post where in my solution I multiply a value coming from the “Axis Value” of an input event node by the “GetWorldDeltaSeconds” node to make the resulting value frame-rate independent. I am now wondering if this was redundant because the input event node itself might be frame-rate independent.

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Are you talking about for example “Move Forward” Node?

Example of me not moving but my movement axis firing. Event Tick will be called once per frame and will therefore be called differently often when you have different kinds of fps

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So would you agree that it is a good practice to make the values coming from these nodes frame-rate independent by multiplying their values by delta ?


Single or Multiplayer game?

For right now I am focused on single player.