Are games on marketplace all developed with UE4?

I wan’t to grab some games, but wonder if all of the games on marketplace are developed with UE4 or are there games developed with other game engines?

I think you are mistaken here.

If you are looking for the “Epic Games Store”, where you can buy games to play, you are wrong here. The “Marketplace” that you find here, is the Unreal Engine Marketplace where you can buy Assets, in other words, parts like graphics and code that you can implement into your games that you would be developing with UE4. All of the Assets that you can purchase on the Marketplace have to be made for UE4.

The Epic Games Store on the other hand, has games that were not made with UE4.

So if I understand you correctly marketplace offers 2 things:

  1. Assets developed with EU4 for use with UE4
  2. games developed not necessarily with EU4.

No, you mix two things.

The Epic Game Store is where you buy games (made with or without the UE4)

The Marketplace is for game developers to buy assets and plugins for the UE4.

ah, I see the difference now, game store is on main page while marketplace in under “unreal engine”

thank you guys for explanation!