Are free Epic asset packs commercially viable for UE4 users?

So I recently got my hands on the Infinity Blade: Grass Lands asset pack ( ). It was the first time I used a free asset pack from Epic.

Scouring through the document and its internet page, I asked myself how much I can use those assets in my own projects. As in, if I can use them as they are, with minimal texture or mesh tampering, for commercial use. Making levels out of them, basically.

I checked around, but I didn’t seem to get a clear answer anywhere, which is why I’m here. If anyone could help me, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Everything you get on the marketplace can be used commercially, yes.

You can incorporate anything Epic releases on the marketplace into your own project for commercial use. You can expand/modify in any way that your imagination can come up with. Just pay the 5% royalties to Epic, if your game/project is sold by you and generates above $3000 revenue per quarter. Anything individually sold or released by Epic on the Epic marketplace can be used royalty/attribution free with no worries. Just don’t resell anything individually and no problems all the way!

The assets aren’t royalty free, but you can use them in a free or commercial game made with UE4 without having to pay anything extra. The standard royalty agreement for using UE4 requires paying a 5% royalty per quarter on any amount above $3,000

Thanks a lot for the help guys, I really appreciate it!

Thanks Epic, this is very generous from you.

I have a question. I like a model from the paragon pack for my UE4 project… but I can’t edit the textures to my liking because they are all in DXT1 and DXT5 format. I would have liked to add my own custom flair to the textures. Is there any way to modify these?

There is no export option to get them into photoshop.