Are events multiThread? [Answered : NO]

Hello, i just wanted to know if events are multithread (construction event, begin play etc), are these things able to run at more than one place at a time? i’m making a tool and i need to know if i should work on that part, i’m pretty sure that the answer will be “yes” but i want to be sure.

Yes, they’re synchronous - so can only run once at a time.

Sure? only one beginPlay at a time? that will make my life easyer… do you got any official source? Thank you for the answer but i must be sure, my “what to do now” list realy depend of that answer.
Thank you for your interest anyway!

Events must run in main game thread only.
“Begin Play” as well even tho it isn’t exactly an “event”.

All BP execution is single threaded with some exceptions for “fast path” animation BPs. But those don’t let you create dangerous things.

Thanks, both of you.

You should probably be aware that the AnimationInstance can be multithreaded.