Are Enhanced Input Actions intended for use with UMG?

In UE 5.1 under Project Settings > Engine > Input there is a message saying:

Axis and Action mappings are now deprecated, please use Enhanced Input Actions and Input Mapping Contexts instead.

Enhanced Input Actions work great for in-game controls. However, it seems the feature is not intended for use with UMG.

If Axis and Action mappings are deprecated, what is the recommended approach to processing inputs in UI mode in UMG?


Im looking for the same answer.


You should check out the CommonUI Input Routing docs if you haven’t already; it likely covers most of the UI interactions that you’re trying to implement.

Both Enhanced Input and the now-deprecated Action/Axis Mappings are meant to provide a level of abstraction between input devices and gameplay actions, and help you insulate your gameplay code from the actual inputs you use to trigger them.

CommonUI provides a similar, but separate, set of functionality that’s meant to help with multiplatform and multi-device input (e.g. Keyboard vs Gamepad on the PC). It should help you map inputs to generic UI actions such as Accept/Cancel, route inputs to specific UI elements (useful for tabbed navigation), and even assign different sets of icons for specific devices, which should help with porting your game to consoles.

Some extra things to keep in mind:

  • CommonUI Action Mappings are separate from Enhanced Input Actions for now. This enforces good design, since you normally wouldn’t want to activate UI buttons with the Jump action in most projects.

  • CommonUI still relies on standard UMG cardinal navigation, so it pays off to get accustomed to Navigation and Focus concepts. Good news is, it builds a bunch of ease of use on top of it, such as gamepad-friendly widgets, the concept of activated/deactivated UI elements, and automatically routing focus to an activated sub-widget.

As of UE5.2, CommonUI now supports Enhanced Input! Keep in mind support is still experimental, so use with care.

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Hello, I would like to inquire if there are any methods available to associate a UMG button with an axis mapping input.

You may be able to get axis support with CommonUI + Enhanced Input. Keep in mind it’s still experimental in 5.2