Are debug symbols for Engine code included in packaged builds ("Include Debug Files" turned ON)

I’ve turned on the option to “Include Debug Files” under Packaging settings but I still get a “Source not found” message in Visual Studio when I attach a debugger to my packaged exe (Development/Debug builds) and try to debug a crash.

So does it export debug symbols for our own game code only (and not engine code) then?

I need to debug a crash that only occurs in packaged games and definitely comes from engine code (callstack in Visual Studio is grayed out but clearly shows the engine class involved). I’m not able to add a breakpoint or get the exact line number though, so debug symbols are definitely not available.

Is there a way to force Visual Studio to pick them up from a particular location?

Thank you.

PS: Using 4.11, editor symbols were included while installing the engine.

This is resolved now. I ended up building the engine from source and Visual Studio was able to pick up debug symbols of the engine when attached to packaged builds too.

Would be nice if I could do it with the launcher version of the engine too though.

The debug symbols are included in the packaged (laucher) version, if you turn on “inlcude debug files”, but when attaching the debugger to you exe you also have to tell VS to use the symbols (VS needs to know where to find them).

There you’ll see how to add the pdb files.

Thank you! I’ll try this next time I’m using the launcher version.

I just found out today from this thread that launcher builds simply do not allow debugging of engine code in packaged builds (regardless of whether you’ve opted to download debug symbols). Telling VS where to pick up the symbols from didn’t seem to help either.

Perhaps this explains why building from source was the only way I could get this to work.

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