Are box brushed Harder on resources than static meshes?

I do a lot some of my simple art with box brushes…mainly when I’m working with blueprint tests…

Is it best to make static meshes out of them? Or is it ok for them to be left way they are?? It may be a dumb question…I was just wondering if it saves on resources if they are all made into static meshes.

Thank ya.

Hi AttemptD,

We recommend only using BSP’s to block out your level. If left in a packaged game you will usually notice a FPS drop in areas where BSP are present.

Like you said, you can make BSP’s into static meshes, just be careful with the UV’s that are created. Being auto-generated they aren’t as precise as making them by hand in actual modeling software. This becomes noticeable when using them as lightmaps.


Excellent. Thank you VERY MUCH for the info.