Are Behavior Trees really viable for fast pace games?

So in the game I’m making I have a behavior tree that right now just manages roaming behavior and then chase behavior for the AI. It performs Cone Checks on the roam and chase behavior so that it knows that when the play has been seen by the AI.

The thing is, the player moves fast enough quite often that they can simply jump through the “cone” in between checks so that the AI doesn’t ever detect them. This effect is more prominent the closer they are to an AI character. Basically this means that if the player jumps across their “vision cone” at point blank range, they’re probably going to get across unseen. That’s pretty game breaking.

Normally if this was happening with like a collider or a dot product in a Tick event the reasoning would be that the player is travelling at astronomical speeds. But this isn’t the case for behavior trees because the update rate has a time delay of like more than 0.25 seconds. With a 40 degree view cone, the player travelling 800 units/s can easily achieve this feat.

I drew a diagram to show what I mean:

So my question/discussion topic is, are behavior trees really viable at all if they can’t even keep pace with a 800 unit/s player?