are attached components (weapons) of child considered the same object as the parent? plz help bug

Screen capture - fc0917ac21ac9184ce84733095ff4a0a - Gyazo the red guy and the playercharacter are both a child of parentBP. the sword is a skeletal mesh and it’s from the infinityblade weapon pack

when i do a print string, it shows that the sword is overlapping.

it seems like they are using same weapon and the game considers the weapon in the red guy’s hand and the playercharacter’s hand to be the same object, therefore they are both getting hit by the swords on the other pawn’s hand they are hitting each other

in short, they are holding the sword and the game thinks that both of their sword is the same object so basically pawn 2 is hitting pawn 1 because pawn 1 is holding pawn 2’s sword and pawn 1 is hitting pawn 2 because pawn 2 is holding pawn 1’s sword

this is the BP for the overlapping events

can anyone figure out why this is happening, if it is supposed to be like this and how i can fix this?

would replacing the skeletal mesh with an actor component make the swords that they are holding different objects?

edit: i tried creating another character and tested what i have. it works fine and it doesnt register hits on the new pawn that is not a child

i also tried moving the sword in the viewport far away from the character but it seems like it is still overlapping as it is “part” of the character

By the first u can try to delate self and past Get Player Controller - Get Controlled Pawn, then u can add for sword to ignore him self too and then u can add to this sceletal mesh ue4 function Ignore Actor When Moving and Get Moving Ignore Actors, and brake sweep results tu see hited actor. Dont think that this is will help but. And i think that the sword overlap u need to create in sword not in character.

thanks i found the error. it is actually the lock on collision sphere that is triggering!