Are all replicated variables replicated at the same time for an actor?


I got a question regarding replication. I have a character that can enter some different animation states bases on some variables in the pawn. However some states can only be reached from other states in the state machine. Therefore it becomes relevant for me to know if all replicated variables are replicated (that needs to be replicated) when the actor is updated or can different variables be replicated in different chunks even though they changed at the same time on the server?

So basically will all changed replicated variables be updated at the same time? Or can some values differ for a short duration of time? That would in my case allow the character to enter wrong animation state without being able to abort it immediately.

Let V1 and V2 be variables that always replicates when changed in an actor. Let V1 and V2 initial values be 1.
If the server sets A = 2 and B = 2 in a single tick.

Can the client e.g. only receive A’s change for a short duration of time?
I.e. the state on the client could look like this:
A = 2, B = 1
and after B is also replicated later, like this:
A = 2, B = 2

Or will they always be replicated at the same time?
I.e. the state on the client would be:
A = 2, B = 2

Thanks in advance!