Are all assets in the Epic Games Store royalty-free to use in the game and publish commercially?

I’m starting to develop the game, but I would like to know if it is allowed to use all unpaid or paid content from the Epic Games assets store to publish a game? If so, is it necessary to give credit to each developer who has their material being used? Can I make changes to the material I downloaded, edit, modify? Can I download material from other sites and use my own game and use content created by me, mixing material from me and all asset creators and publishing my game on steam without any problems?
Do I need to pay license or give Epic Games credit for using Unreal Engine 4 to develop my game?

so first of all, anything and everything you find on the marketplace can be used in your game, commercial or not, thats literally why the marketplace exists. whether it was free or paid doesnt matter, and you owe no royalties, whatever you paid them when you bought the assets from the marketplace is all you owe them. You don’t necessarilly have to credit them, though you probably should. assets from The marketplace can only be used in unreal though, not unity or any other engine. You obviously may use other assets from other websites, however, those particular sites might have rules about crediting the authors, or paying royalties and its up to you to figure that one out.

The only thing is if you take assets from things like starter content or the finished projects from the Learn tab in the launcher, such as the Infiltrator demo. If you take those assets you must customize them beyond their original state so people dont give you credit for making Epics assets (this applies to things like the default mannequin, which realistically speaking, you probably wouldnt even be using in your finished game anyway). This does not apply to any of the packs on the marketplace, you can use customize, or not customize those however you see fit.

Now lets say you have a finished game you made with unreal and you publish it to steam. If you make over 3000 in a 3 month period, then you owe epic games 5% royalties becuase you used unreal engine. If youre a small indie developer then thats literally nothing (and they only take money if youre making money which is super reasonable). You might also owe steam royalties as well (which i think were like 30% or somethihg along those lines? not sure) if you use the epic games marketplace to sell your game i know they take a smaller cut than steam and that 5% royalties you owe them for using the engine gets subtracted from the royalties you owe for selling it on the marketplace.

All of that above royalty stuff has nothing to do with packs you buy on the marketplace, you pay for those once and thats it. Hope this answered all your questions.

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Thanks for answering, that answers everything. But one last question, assuming I then win over 3000 on my published game in less than 3 months, how will Epic Games charge me the 5%?


Can answer me?

Epic will only charge you after the first $1000000 you earn