Are 4.19.2 "Vehicle Advanced" template controls broken

I am working through one of the UE4 tutorials : “BP Time Attack Racer”, which uses the “Vehicle Advanced” template as a base. When I test the game the car pins its wheels to the left and goes full throttle. Keyboard controls are not working and with my gamepad leftstick i can straighten the wheel when pressing forward, and go in reverse when pressing left. there are no controls for throttle or braking. I started a fresh project with the template which gives the same results, so I have ruled out a blueprint fail in the tutorial project. Is this a known issue, or is it just me?

Whatever you do don’t put a navmesh in the map. It will crash on load after packaging.

I have the exact same issue with Unreal 4.21.2. Just opened the advanced vehicle template and when you play in editor, the car steer to the left and goes full throttle. I use a wired XBOX 360 gamepad that works perfectly for any other game or editor

The solution is here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-66123)
Removing the Generic USB from the Input project settings