ARCore access camera videos & save to mobile through Unreal directly or Android blueprints?

Hello all,

Please point me in the right direction if this question has been asked already. I’m coming from a Unity background & our current developer is more familiar with C++ in Unreal.

We have built an AR app using Google’s Arcore & helloUnreal sample as a starting point. We want to be able to take a video of the AR object through the camera - as you would record a video - & save this to the Android mobile’s Photos or Gallery. We can get a photo saved - although we’re still trying to work out where they’re saved - help with this too? - but need to be able to both record & save a video.

Any ideas without needing to go through Android Studio & in Unreal directly?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi there, how do you get the photo saved? It will give some hints on where the file is located…