ArchWiz and the 5%

Hello all!
I am now putting my game on hold, as my family (who are all architects), were pumped when I showed them what was possible with ArchWiz.

The presentations I will make, will be used towards customers, but it will not be a service they pay for, specifically.
I will not be taking a flat fee, either, since they will just hire me and pay me per hour. How does this go together with the whole royalty thing? Will I pay 5% of my pay to Epic?

I will probably get over the minimum of 3000 usd rather quickly, as the pay here is very high…

From the license:

Seem to be the relevant part of your license. No 5% so.

Can’t believe I missed that:P

How does the royalty work if you are not an architect yourself, but are contracted to make the simulation for a fee?

It seems to fall into the same category as my scenario…