Archviz with Cd4 , impossible mission ?

Hello folks ,

I discovered archviz on UNREAL it is not very long, and I started to learn the variables technicals , however all the tutorials that I find on the net are on 3dmax while I have been working for years on cinema4D … This Did not discourage me so much and I said to myself that if 3dmax can do it ,cinema4d also

But i find alotf problems with cinema 4d , lets me show you :


1- In the first image , all the meshs are with a poor quality and i dont understand why because in c4d is perfect ( i exported fbx 6.0 + backing texture )
2- In the second we can see that i a have unreal shadowing in my scene , how i can fix it ?
3- Why my scene is not realistic ? i all ready add skylight hdri , direction light , lightmass volume , Gi , Ambiance occlusion , postprocess volume ) , i forget something ?

Thanks folks for your helps , you do an amazing works !

  1. It’s not a drag and drop and expect photorealistic results. There are many things to do correctly to get nice results.

Is it a static-lit (baked) scene? Have you built your lighting with production setting, does your meshes have a carefully unwrapped uv channel for the lightmaps?

Let us know a bit more so we can help you! Good luck man!

Thank you heartlessphil for your message, it is true that it is not a drag and drop but it is really more easy to other software and it is very realistic.

Is it a static-lit (baked) scene? how i can to fix that , in the world setting or on my directional lighting ?

Have you built your lighting with production setting? yes production setting but it is still bad

does your meshes have a carefully unwrapped uv channel for the lightmaps? for the uvs i juste use channel 0 coming from cinema4d , for the lightmaps i use the automatical generator lightmaps when i import the mush , but i have this for exemple message :

Thanks for your suppot !

Concerning the ‘‘baking’’. There are two method for illuminating a 3d scene. Static/baked/pre-rendered OR Dynamic/real-time. Corona, vray, etc. are using the pre-rendered method of course. Unreal can do both but the best results are pre-rendered and that’s the job of lightmass. Lightmass is unreal’s version of vray we could say. Except less powerful because it can only do photon mapping.

To change between pre-rendered or dynamic you gotta look at your light sources. If they’re set to static (and your static meshes too) then it will give pre-rendered lighting after a build. If you set your static meshes to movable and your lights to that too, you’ll get dynamic lighting instantly. Dynamic doesn’t require lightmaps at all but it won’t look as good. You don’t get global illumination that way. Just direct illumination. That usually means harsh black shadows, no soft shadows, contact shadows, etc.

The way you make your lightmaps is not really good. The auto-generate lightmap feature in unreal uses the texture channel to try to make decent lightmaps but it doesn’t work that great. Usually the 1st channel for texture is messy and doesn’t respect the 0-1 uv space. You should make a 2nd uv channel in C4D and carefully unwrap each object manually (or with scripts if you can find one for C4D).

At first it will be painful haha!

You should read this thread, there’s a lot of good information in there.

Your Shading issues might be a result of wrong export/import settings, your shading issues are caused by overlapping and wrapped UVs and the automatic creation of lightmaps doesn’t work that good on complicated models with a lot of geometry, especially if the UV it tries to generate from has issues, too.