Archviz VR how to enable sound conversation inside the VR using oculus rift ?

Hi guys ,

so my question , is it possible to enable an inside voice talking between the vr user and the outside viewer , in another words am doing an arch viz project wither exterior or interior Vr presentation for a client and i wanna talk to the client about what he see through a second mic so he can hear me through the oculus headphones and speak back to me through the oculus mic so it can be as if we are doing our conversation inside th VR project , the main objective of this is to shift the full focus of the viewer inside the VR instead of destract his focus by speaking to him directly ,

i hope my question is clear and thank you for reading it .


You can disable the speakers of the PC running the presentation and have your Oculus headphones be the ONLY speakers available to the system. You should then be able to simply give that PC e.g. a Skype call and your voice will be played through the headphones of the Oculus.

Thanks Calisto , but my question was actually if its possible to develop that feature for the VR application it self either to be applied through a blueprint or through a third party way , the idea is to engage the VR viewer inside the project more effectively as if u are inside with him ,