ArchViz / VR beginner tutorials?

Hi all -

I know that’s a pretty open question…

There are like 4,000 tutorials I’ve found all over the place - essentially, I’m looking for a tutorial for ArchViz first - I will primarily be using SketchUp and formz for modeling.

The goal is to be able to furnish, texture, and render competent stills first, but ultimately to create a navigable (teleport and free motion) VR environment to run on Rift and Vive platforms.

Any suggestions (free and paid) are greatly appreciated!

Hi O ,

Maybe just read up on UE4 VR Template —
How that works , UMG components and trace interactions
that will drive a VR menu. Then importing FBX from whatever
3d modelling program you are using. That should get you on
the way to creating a scene with navigation.

There’s lots more to learn of couse !
Lighting and UE4 setups which requires practice and a deep
dive. Same with PBR material creation and Substance which
require more time and effort to understand. There’s a lot but
its good to focus on something simple.

All best ,

— Chuan

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