Archviz Visualization Workflow

Hi, I have a client who is looking for an Archviz Interactive workflow shown in this video - - YouTube

Are there any Blueprint/Apps/Plugins that can achieve the results shown in the video on Ue4 Marketplace - ie fast travelling to selected places, Interactive mini maps/menus.

My client’s site is 60 houses in a Residential Complex. They want the ability to fly around 360 and view the entire complex from the air, and then also be able to click on each house and fast travel there and have interactive menus pop up and fast travel to any place in the complex.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated, as my Blueprint skills are zero.

The project shown in that video is using Unreal Studio new Multi User Viewer Template (4.21 and above).
All the items you need, such as walk & fly mode as well as bookmark system are already built in the template.
As for the minimap, you can put a image layer on top of your model with position pin attached to your pawn, then create a top-down camera for that. I remembered there is a youtube video that shows how to achieve that.

Thanks for the feedback, sounds good but if you dont know anything about how to implement these things, this means very little. I also dont have time to learn these things. I have deadlines and clients who want to use Unreal, so I was looking for a plugin, App we could use.

The experience and interactions you described sound specific enough that it’s unlikely you are going to find a plugin or app that does precisely what you are looking for. You will probably find some examples of interfaces for archviz on the marketplace, such as this one: ArchViz Interactive UI and Tools in Architectural Visualization - UE Marketplace or minimaps: Browse and Search the Unreal Engine Marketplace - UE Marketplace, but they would still likely take significant adjustment and customization.

If you want to invest your time into learning Unreal, the templates included with Unreal Studio are a good place to start.

But depending on the deadline, urgency, and how much your client is willing to spend, you might try the Looking For Work or Job Offer sections of this forum.

Hi, thanks for the feedack. Our deadline has been pushed back so I’m going to learn how to do this myself, or try at least. Thanks.