Archviz Studio is now available on the marketplace. Oculus Go support included!

Hi everyone,

We just released a new archviz tool on the marketplace and wanted to share it with you here.

Marketplace page: Archviz Studio in Architectural Visualization - UE Marketplace

Archviz Studio allows you to easily build interactive architectural visualization environments across multiple platforms including the Oculus Go, HTC Vive, desktop, and mobile.

We were inspired by the HAL Archviz Toolkit which is no longer available on the marketplace. We noticed that a lot of users of that tool were going without support and wanted to create a similar tool but bring it up to date with current technologies. So on top of mobile and desktop, we added support for room-scale VR (HTC Vive) and mobile VR (Oculus Go) platforms.

Our goal with the pack was to make it as easy as possible for you to get up and running with an interactive environment. We’ve included demo environments for each of the supported platforms so that it’s a frictionless setup process for you.

We focused on creating an intuitive experience for end users. Our controls are obvious and easy to use on all platforms while keeping the viewport clean so users can stay engaged with your environment.

We would love to get some feedback from the Archviz community about what features you like or don’t like and what features you would like to see added in the next update.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the features offered by Archviz Studio:

  • Includes platform specific demo maps for Go, Vive, PC, and mobile
  • Custom controller blueprints for each platform allow you to create a single environment and export it to any platform
  • Modular housing pieces provide you the opportunity to create an endless variety of modern prefab homes for your project
  • Furniture and appliance models including cabinets, fridge, chairs, tables, bed, television, plants, sculptures, art canvas, pot lights, bean bag chairs, etc
  • All models have been optimized for performance across all platforms
  • Real-time edit menu allows you to update the look of your environment in an exported build
  • In app save and load options
  • Clean and commented blueprints
  • Door blueprint with options for both rotating and sliding mechanisms
  • Overhead map view that’s simple to set up
  • Navigate any environment using points of interest
  • Drone mode adds the ability to view your scene from a different perspective
  • Camera mode with auto-focus to capture and share all the best shots your environment has to offer


thank you for making your Template!

Can you give a short workflow how to start the presentation on the go?

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