Archviz Studio by ALLPACS w/ Oculus Go support

Hi people,

We just released our fifth pack to the marketplace and would love some feedback. It’s an architectural visualization tool for creating interactive environments.

Marketplace page:

Archviz Studio makes it easy to create interactive architectural visualization environments across platforms. The pack includes an art gallery and a modern prefab home which are optimized to run on the Oculus Go, Rift, HTC Vive, PC, and mobile.


  • Includes platform specific demo maps for Go, Vive, PC, and mobile
  • Custom controller blueprints for each platform allow you to create a single environment and export it to any platform
  • Modular housing pieces provide you the opportunity to create an endless variety of modern prefab homes for your project
  • Furniture and appliance models including cabinets, fridge, chairs, tables, bed, television, plants, sculptures, art canvas, pot lights, bean bag chairs, etc
  • All models have been optimized for performance across all platforms
  • Real-time edit menu allows you to update the look of your environment in an exported build
  • In app save and load options
  • Clean and commented blueprints
  • Door blueprint with options for both rotating and sliding mechanisms
  • Overhead map view that’s simple to set up
  • Navigate any environment using points of interest
  • Drone mode adds the ability to view your scene from a different perspective
  • Camera mode with auto-focus to capture and share all the best shots your environment has to offer

Let us know what you think and if there are any additional features you would like to see!


Update1.1 has been pushed to support engine version 4.21 and update ingame the Mini Map. Awaiting approval. Get latest later in the week.

So Far the Archviz Studio Pack has been a total success on all platforms, Oculus Rift & GO, Vive, PC, Mobile, Mac.

We really appreciate your trust in our toolkit which guarantees our ability to always provide you and your team email support and to continue this support for the pack in the future. Its also great to see the project being used on such a variety of projects.

We aim to respond and answer your questions within 24 hours. Please also check out our full tutorial walkthrough: