Archviz scenes

Hi all !

This is my first test with unreal engine. I tried cryengine and it looks much easier but its harder connect oculus or other so unrealengine is my choice.

So here is my test. Materials are very simple I know but I am ready for your critics and tips. Thanks :slight_smile:

this looks great!
maybe try a deeper normal map for the bricks. all the other materials look pretty much realistic.
i have a question, is that lamp cable a cable actor or a static mesh? i cant get the cable actor to interact (collide) with other static meshes.
and would you be willing to share that snowy material? i cant seem to figure out how to set up displacement for materials. Or is that a static mesh too?

keep it up!

Howdy Mardud,

Great work on your Archviz scene! Very simplistic but done very well. I have to agree with TudorG, I believe that the bricks need to have a deeper normal map. Keep up the great work and I will be sure to check out the next update on this project!

thanks TudorG,

cable is static mesh, imported from 3ds max. Snow is static mesh too, in snow material is used only diffuse and normal map, nothing more. I have big deficiency in materials so I need study a lot.

and by the way, i tried cryengine too before moving to unreal, and trust me unreal is much more user-friendly. you made the right choice. and the community forums, answerhub, and marketplace are a big plus.

Love it! Very clean and simple :slight_smile: As already mentioned, I would slightly increase the normal depth on the bricks, however, I would also rework the normal map for the wood on the table. Its way too strong and blurry. If you want to go for that kind of new ikea look, you actually do not really need a normal map to make it shine! Good diffuse and roughness is all you need and normals come into play for super small details like little scratches and dents.

Just to show you what you can do with just a diffuse and normal map:

I would think that this could help the wood a lot! :slight_smile:

But anyway, very good start…keep us posted.