ArchViz Scene for my Final Year Project at University

Hey! Thanks for taking a look at my thread, I wanted to show you all my Final Year Project scene for University

The scene itself is powered by an archviz workflow but I wanted to add little bits of a story, something to make you think.
The environment runs in real time and I achieve around 80-100fps on a gtx 980.
Here’s a little walk around video of the flat;

You can download the demo yourself to test it on your machine at home from here MEGA
The game should run fine, I imagine the fireplace/mirrors in the bathrooms will be the only real things to massively impact the frame rate on a lower end GPU

I’ll be releasing about 70% of the assets made for this scene in a free to download asset pack on my website soon, along with a breakdown on how I achieved the lighting

here are a few beauty shots which I took;

Seen an entire album here; Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I hope you like the scene!

Beautiful work :smiley: