Archviz Scandinavian Scene

Got inspired by the arch viz scenes done by koola, so I decided to dust off an old project I never finished and remade it in UE4.

Stunning! I would say you nailed everything about it. I feel like most people wouldn’t be able to get that overly bright, dreamy lighting working as well as you have it.

Are those dust particles floating through the air, or is it a dirt mask on the bloom?

The scene is looking fabulous ! I too love the dust effect :smiley:

Excellent music choice :slight_smile: It fit’s the scene like a glove.

Only thing that “hurts” the video id that it end abruptly. Would be much better if the music was fading away as the visual. Your real name and a bit more info could be add at the end of the video. Sort of credits if you like.

Thank you!

@StephaBon It’s two particle emitters with a total of 1600 particles at the same time.

@Stevelois Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

impressive :slight_smile: