Archviz Scandinavian / Lightning


I’m doing a full scale apartment in Unreal practicing some lightning, shaders and materials. First up is a work in progress on my bathroom. There’s still much left to do, as there is almost no furnishings and so on, but i still wanted to render a sequence to get a feel for the atmosphere so far. My idea is to keep the atmosphere of each room “living”, in this case i’m practicing volumetrics and water shaders for the shower.

I will post more screenshots and progress on the rest of the rooms.

Here’s my inspiration board so far, i’ll keep it updated!:

Tools: Substance, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop

Update Exterior 2017-09-25

Update Bedroom 2017-10-02

Update Kitchen 2018-01-02

Probably the last piece before i move on to the livingroom! Next onto a few minor lightleaks and UV issues. Finished up with a short walk-through video.


Short mood sequence in livingroom. Somewhat inspired by the mellow atmosphere found in recent IKEA commercials. Next up is more furnishings, plants, FX and scene dynamics.

Found a good solution for a TV Material and a Light Function that casts an average emissive color of the media player. The problem was that a standard lightfunction is that it only casts an emissive light without color. Thanks to this solution found by the help of Robert and Tim Hobson, i set up a material instance that turns on each RGB channel cast by the media texture in the emissive output. With three separate R,G,B spotlights cast in the same direction you get a color “projector”. Then to blur the picture cast by the spotlights i set the video sample to 0px which basically averages a color in the video texture instead of casting the whole picture, since i only want the color and not the image!

Pretty good results. Only that it takes 20 fps! :rolleyes:

A quick look into the livingroom and kitchen. Recorded from the viewport so no HD.