Archviz Pc gear

Hi Unreal users, please can you share with me a configuration for 2000$ maybe 2500$ to create a realtime archviz project ? thank you

Yes… I’d look at a 12-16 core processor, 40+ core RT GPU, at least 1TB Nvme SSD, 27" minimum monitor, 32GB+ ram >3000 Mhz

You need the best video card you can get for your budget. CPU doesn’t need to be the best. 32GB RAM is good but having more won’t do much. You’ll need a lot of storage space. Get a SSD but also an old school HD for all the huge source files you’ll have.

16 core cpu for little future proof. 1 terabyte ssd minimum. As much you can throw for the latest rtx card. And 64gig ram. Don’t go lower on the ram! I notice that having ue4/5 and photoshop,substance painted, 3dsmax and premier while building lights takes my memory about 32gig easily. Imho

Hey are you using windows 11? I noticed it uses more memory if you have it. I had 64 GB for a long time in windows 10 and I never ever got the usage over 32 GB with all the apps you mentioned. So I’m working with 32 now. I don’t have any problems at all. At the moment I have 1 instance of Unreal 4.26 open and it only uses 10.4 GB of memory for example.

Windows 10. I was able to almost max the 64 when I had a few programs running while light baking. I once maxed it out using Ornatrix , experimenting with very dense hair. I am definitely happy with 64. Would never go back to 32 seeing how far I’ve pushed it with some projects. But for most maybe 32 is ok.