Hi all,
After 2 projects on UE4 (1 and 2), here is my last work:


You can download the project (Windows version) here (use LAUNCHER.bat to start) :!GMRQESpR!cB83yujwozmOn-9DAeMjjw

Hope you like it.

PS : you can click on walls and floors to change their textures. Space key to hide/unhide mouse cursor.

You’ve done an incredible job creating a believable work space!

very nice! could you share some tips on lighting and settings?

thank you for your coms!
For the lighting I use 1 sun + multiple spotlight,
The light map resolution of furnitures is 512, 2048 for the wall and floor.

Looks great, though I think you could get more realistic shadows by increasing the radius of the lights, looks like the radius is 0 so the shadows are really sharp.

Super travail zahir3d comme d’habitude et comme depuis toutes ces années que je vois tes projets :smiley:

Great work Zahir3d as usual…

Thank’s!! I realy like this soft :slight_smile:

Thanks for this…:slight_smile:

Un Grand Merci pour nous faire partager des projets :smiley:

Merci pour les encouragements des FR, merci aux autres aussi :slight_smile:
Vraiment passionnant ce moteur.